arty photo of David Hunt in his studioDavid Hunt is a veteran journalist and media professional who began his career covering politics, the environment and health care, including the early years of the AIDS epidemic. His documentary revealing high levels of pollutants in the waters of Marina del Rey, Calif., earned him a 1987 Los Angeles Area Emmy Award.

More recently, he worked as a university writer and editor for over a decade, covering advances in science, engineering, technology, design, veterinary medicine, agriculture and the humanities.

Hunt produced some of the first educational videos on AIDS treatment and prevention, including an award-winning video for parents of children with HIV/AIDS, distributed worldwide by AIMS Media. He spearheaded a public health campaign promoting ocean ecology in Southern California and shot a music video featuring the Surf Punks. His work to reunite and honor a group of Vietnam veterans three decades after the war was highlighted on ABC-TV’s 20/20.

Hunt earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration and accounting from North Carolina Wesleyan College and a Master of Arts in liberal studies from North Carolina State University.